Jorge Gomez niñoJorge is an example or pure talent and musical versatility. Since birth he was surrounded by songs and through his parents developed his passion for popular Colombian music. The clarinet and saxophone became his means of expression and from early childhood, by the hand of his first teachers Fabio Arenas and Mario Taveras, he learned that through sounds he could reflect his joyful personality into his music.





Soon after, Jorge began playing with various musical groups of the central region of Colombia and quickly became considered a true musical talent, reason for which he was chosen to become a part of the “Sinfónica Juvenil de Colombia” and the “Banda Sinfónica Nacional de Colombia”, where he continued expanding his abilities and knowledge in not only classical music, but in other genres and musical instruments, including the guitar.







Jorge Gomez grupo Bemtú


His developing talent and growing musical appetite also led him to explore tropical music. He began playing with the groups “Mango” and “Maximar” in Bogota, Colombia, place where he also became a part of the musical group of the “Ballet de Sonia Osorio”. Subsequently, all roads led him to Cali, Colombia, a city where music fills the air and gave him the opportunity to participate in various musical projects like “Bemtú”, “Yanko” and the famous salsa group “La Misma Gente”, group known for the quality and professionalism of their members. He was also part of the prestigious “Banda Sinfónica del Valle” for several years.





sinfonica-del-valle_bellas_artes jorge_gomez_cununo_2000

With these groups Jorge toured through his country and shared the stage with many international music figures, including: Joe Arroyo, Oscar D 'Leon, Olga Tañon, La Puerto Rican Power, Grupo Niche and Roberto Perera among many others. At the same time Jorge, because of his commitment to music and his culture, became part of innovative projects such as "Cununo 2000," event paying tribute to the folklore of Colombia's Pacific region led by Hugo Candelario, which was highly praised by the press nationally and internationally for its originality and great cultural contribution.




jorge_gomez_tony_cobo_albumAfter all these accomplishments, Jorge felt the need to take his life in a new direction in search of new opportunities, so he decided to spread his wings and took flight. As he says, “I wanted to learn more, know more and keep following my dreams.” So he headed to the United States, where he had the honor of taking classes with renowned musician Carlos Averhoff (Grammy Award winner and founder of the group Irakere), became a part of Nicolas Tovar’s band and collaborated as guest musician on the albums of various artists, like Antonio Cobo.



Through hard work and a professional work ethic, Jorge earned the respect and credibility of his peers and audiences in Miami, always playing the most exclusive venues and places such as The Vizcaya Palace, the Versace Mansion, the Adrienne Arsht Center, the Biltmore Hotel, the Four Seasons and the Fisher Island Club, to name a few. Because of this, he has performed for a highly select group of Miami’s society and top real estate firms like Fortune International, Related Group, Cervera Real Estate and Terra Group.


Jorge has had the honor of singing for many of the most important personalities and celebrities of Miami, including Luis Miguel, Julio Iglesias, Juanes, Don Francisco, Willie Chirino, Myrka Dellanos, Paulina Rubio, Raul De Molina, Nora Bulnes(Selecta Magazine), Arturo Sandoval, Douglas Fraser(Southern Command), real estate tycoon Jorge Perez, among many others. “It has been very gratifying to know that these great personalities and artists have chosen me to sing for them, it’s wonderful and it makes me very happy,” says Jorge with the humility that defines a true artist.




The roads traveled, the years of experience and his continuous artistic evolution naturally made him gravitate towards the art of songwriting.Through collaborations with some of the industry’s top Latin songwriters, Jorge has been steadily collecting his personal life stories and fantasies and turning them into songs. “Many times I find that through my songs I can transmit and evoke laughter and even a tear much easier than if I were using a thousand words,” explains Jorge who has not stopped writing in recent years.


Jorge’s time to turn those songs into a first album is finally approaching. He has teamed up with an outstanding group of songwriters and producers in preparation for an album that promises to be one full of rhythm and joy, a perfect fusion of Pop sounds and the Latin Folk music of his roots. “It’s a true reflection of my passion for singing, for playing the guitar, the sax and the clarinet, it’s all that I’ve lived and dreamed turned into song".


On this album Jorge has worked with Latin music heavy weights including, Richard Bravo(multiple Grammy Award winner for his work with Ricky Martin, Shakira and Juanes), Andres Saavedra (Grammy Award winner for his work with Alejandro Sanz, Alicia Keys, Juanes and Carlos Vives), Jimmy Paredes(writer for Paulina Rubio, Jennifer Lopez), Jose Aguirre(Grammy Award winner for his work with Luis Enrique and former director of Grupo Niche), Alicastro(Sony Music recording artist, songwriter, producer) and Jimmy Rey (producer and arranger for Estefano, Chayanne and Thalia), among others. The road up ahead for Jorge is clear and full of promise. The world will soon be able to enjoy this incredible Colombian artist who has been working his way up to land amongst the biggest of the stars.

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